Monday, February 22, 2010

Revolt, Resolve, and Evolve

First revolution
Then, resolution
Finally, evolution

What I mean to communicate is that to grow each of us must first revolt against expectation, against limitation, and against habit or routine. Then we must find somewhere within ourselves - because it cannot come from outside - the resolve and the commitment to create new habits, to enforce the behavior that will produce the result we imagined and expressed in the hope and violence of that first shot.

And somewhere, sometime, perhaps after having walked a circuitous path, the result of our resolve and persistence, or our consistent behavior will be evolution into the mindful, capable individual we imagined we might become if we shucked the chains and the weight - the burden. But by then, we will have seen another man or woman ahead of us, the new person we might become if only ... if we have the courage to start yet another revolution.

Because the thinking individual does not arrive. Life's 'answers' constantly evolve. And if we don't evolve, we die. Or we live lives that don't look much different than death.

To Your Health!

John Hall NSCA-CPT

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