Thursday, April 14, 2011

Organic Is Better!

Everyone knows organic is better. You cannot argue that fresh, pesticide free, preservative free, hormone free, and just plain healthy food is better than the junk people are ingesting at their local fast food joints. The only argument one may have against purchasing it more than they do is that not all retailers carry it. That problem can be solved by buying organic food online.

With the advent of the internet came mobile everything – you can have a car washing service come to your door, or even purchase a car to be delivered! You can have a doctor come to your home. You can make an appointment with a hair stylist for you, or even for your dog, to come to your house and make you all pretty. You can also have your groceries sent directly to you, fresh, organic, and ready to become a delicious meal – snacks and beverages too! Organic food online is the solution to the crowded local supermarket that doesn’t have much of what you need anyway.

If you want to take your natural health and beauty a step further, try salon quality personal care products that go beyond the “green” movement and are completely toxin free. You hear people use the old adage that “you are what you eat”, but putting stuff on yourself can be just as harmful as putting it inside of your body. Chemicals are used to change your hair color, not give it the nutrients and cleanliness it needs to be healthy and vibrant. This is not a band wagon to join, this is an entire lifestyle undertaking that will help aid in prevention and being proactive instead of prescriptions and being reactive.

If you are new to this and have been ingesting fatty and unhealthy foods for a while, you may want to research detox diets for weight loss and jump start your new outlook on eating and drinking. What you put in to your body is not just for your satisfaction, but is supposed to re-charge your entire system and keep you healthy from the inside out. Drinking water, getting plenty of sunshine, and eating organic and healthy foods is the best way to keep your immune system, muscles, skin, eyes, and all of your other organs and functions healthy for as long as physically possible.

A secret of the medical community is that they don’t care about prevention. They don’t care that you eat right or keep the right amount of nutrients and vitamins in you. They don’t want you healthy because they don’t get paid unless you are sick. Pharmaceutical corporations are banking on the fact that you will not take care of yourself and need their drugs to help alleviate the symptoms, but surely not find a cure – they don’t want you healthy because then you won’t use their products.

To Your Health,

John Hall

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