Thursday, September 25, 2008

"Changing Mindset"

I have been a lot of thinking as I always do, on ways to better myself daily and I am a fitness professional, but I'm not a technician of fitness anymore. What I mean by that is in the past I have just thought of training clients owning a studio and being the technicain of the studio.

I have learned that before any of the things that I want to accomplish ever manifest I must change my mindset! I am no longer a fitness professional that trains clients and owns a job, I am a fitness professional that owns a studio with trainers that teach individuals fitness.

This has been one of my challenges and I'm really starting to catch on, the only reason is because I continue to surround myself with individuals that are where I want to be, I continue to strive for new knowledge on how to improve the business at John Hall Studios. If you ever want to be successful at anything you must be willing to change your mindset as you develop, the more you procrastinate and wait for the perfect opportunity the longer youstand still. You must be willing to invest in your education. You must take Action on what you learn.

I have in the past bought many products and get all fired up only to sit on things. Well things have changed and Wow it's amazing how taking action can change things. If there is any advice I can give is don't wait!

I was watching Zach Even esh the owner of underground strength coach today on a video clip and I truely admire his work ethic, the guy never stops. He has put together a incredible system for his following on a shoe string budget and his business is booming. The reason why is because did not wait for the perfect situation, he used what he had and started working towards what he wanted.

In summary, there is no perfect time or condition, work with what you got and keep your eyes on your vision and never lose focus and surely you will achieve all your dreams.

That's my word!

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zevenesh said...

damn bro, showin' love, thanks, much respect to you.... you are one of the coolest dudes I ever met, was great chillin' w/u in Ct!