Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What's Your Motivation?

I have been asking myself that question a lot lately, and I keep coming up with the same answer: To help others achieve goals that they feel they can never achieve on their own.

I'm a fitness professional, but it really goes much further than taking someone through a workout, anyone can do that. I help people get through the emotional, physical, mental, etc. pains that they encounter. Not only that I have built some of the best relationships with clients that will last a life time.

It is so rewarding to see the transformation of a person with no self esteem, become this confident individual or to see a person say that they can't do something, only to motivate them and show them that can't is not an option and everything is possible. The look on their faces when the achieve what they thought was impossible is priceless!

The sweat,the work, the hurt, the pain, the emotions, the sacrifice, the reward is my motivation! I love what I do and I will to continue to help and show the world the gift that God has bestowed upon me. I left a career in Pharmacy to embark on this journey and I have no regrets.

That's my word!


Genevieve said...

hey john!
great content and motivation in your blog! my word and your word only go so much...
its God's word that means everything!
i am happy to know you and look forward to following your blog!

im proud of you too!

John Hall said...

G, thanks for clarifying that. It's so true God's word is everything.

Lets stay in touch, you're an awesome woman.