Wednesday, October 15, 2008

How Commited Are You

Sorry for my brief departure from my blog, but I have been focused on a few projects aimed to expand John Hall Studios. In venturing out into new business relationships and projects, I am excited - excited to share the passion and love I have for what I do, and to touch others with the knowledge and expetise I have and continue to gain.

As I start to branch out into the fitness industry, I find myself asking, " how committed are you?" Through the years, I have pretty much kept to myself, however now that John Hall Studios has reached a certain level of success - not only am I seeking to share my testimonial with new trainers, but newer trainers and individuals in the industry are seeking me or coming accross John Hall Studios via other avenues.

Therefore, I really had to sit down and reflect on the commitment, determination, steps, and most importantly, ACTION, it takes to be successful and reach such a level. "To whom much is given, much is required." I have learned this - it is an important lession - and I'm trying to instill this in those I touch.

Unfortunately, what I often encounter - and the point of this blog - is that a lot of trainers that want independant success as a trainer, success as a fitness empire, and/or the ability to touch others - are not willing to put in the effort, time, or ACTION it takes to advance. They "say" they want this or that, and have long developed plans on where they want to be in "X" number of years, yada yada yada... but procrastination and excuses quickly replace the drive, and many trainers plateau at a level far below what they ultimately desire. I have been guilty of this same complacency, which is precisely why I had to ask MYSELF, "How committed are you?"

There are several fitness professionals I would like to mention - individuals who have taken much ACTION, and people I look to and learn from in my pursuit of the next level and beyond. Ryan Lee, Alwyn Cosgrove, Craig Ballantyne, Zach Evenesh, just to name a few... These guys have inspired me to take on tasks and new methods of promoting myself that I maybe never have discovered on my own. My goal is to be worldwide like these guys, sharing my passion with people from all walks of life - and influencing others as they have influenced me.

In closing, if one truly wants the success and notarity that they're striving for - there will be sacrifice. It is not easy. So, when do you know that you are committed? When you are willing to make those sacrifices, and take the steps - do the ACTION it takes to move from one level, to the next level, to the next, to the top!

That's my word!

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